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Become a volunteer in Paris or regionally

Aviation Sans Frontières is looking for volunteers for its missions.

These volunteers are involved in: 

  • escorting sick children
  • accompanying refugees to their host country
  • participating in the shipment of health care packages or humanitarian freight
  • participating in air operations (including the handling and maintenance of Aviation Sans Frontières aircrafts)
  • participating in Ailes du Sourire events
  • introducing the world of aeronautics, and jobs associated with the field, to young people
  • participating in administrative tasks involved in Aviation Sans Frontières communication and representation...

Learn more about the profile and preconditions required to join our team of volunteers. 

You can contact us at 01 49 75 74 37 or fill in the online Contact form

Escorting sick children - Aviation Sans Frontières’s ‘blue vests’ 

The volunteers entrusted to escort sick children wear special blue jackets so that they can be easily recognised by the children’s parents, by host families in the middle of crowded airports and by registration officers. 

Passengers are always intrigued to see the ‘blue vests’ in airports and on planes. 

Become one of them !

Escorting refugees

These volunteers carry out missions to help refugees in their new host country.

Warning: it is necessary to have a French or European passport, to reside in France, and to have GP tickets to be a volunteer.


Aircraft Missions - pilots

According to the organisation’s needs, Aviation Sans Frontières regularly recruits professional pilots on a voluntary basis. They must meet the following requirements: 

  • be a holder of a French (PP) or European (CPL) professional pilot licence
  • hold a valid Instrument Rating (IR) 
  • hold a valid class 1 medical fitness certificate
  • hold an OACI level 4 English language aptitude 
  • hold a  valid Multi Crew Cockpit certificate (while Caravan aircrafts are certified to be operated by only one pilot, Aviation Sans Frontières always operates its aircraft with two pilots)
  • have a minimum of 850 flight hour experience

 Translation into English by Julian Malacan
Proof-reading in English by Chloe Anderson within the initiative PerMondo that is coordinated by the translation agency Mondo Agit

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