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IDEAS label

This certificate, issued by an independent committee, signifies the support of IDEAS volunteer advisors to associations and foundations. This approach allows organisations to improve their practices with regards to the governance, financial management and efficiency of their actions.

The IDEAS group, dedicated to philanthrophic activity, aims to secure and encourage donations. The certificate was granted to Aviation Sans Frontières in 2013.

So far, 22 associations have obtained this certificate which assures donors and financial partners that the associations they are supporting are well-managed.

IDEAS is a recognized non-profit association, founded by the French National Association of Auditors (la Compagnie Nationale des Commissaires aux Comptes), the French Institute of Chartered Accountants (l’Ordre des Experts-Comptables) and the French Deposits and Consignments Fund (la Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations). 

IDEAS Website

With the support of the French Ministry for Community Life (le Ministère de la Vie Associative)

Institut du Développement de l’Ethique et de l’Action pour la Solidarité,
32 avenue de l’Opéra – 75002 Paris


Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC)

In 2012, in order to guarantee the highest level of safety for each flight performed for our humanitarian partners (NGOs, international organisations, etc.), Aviation Sans Frontières obtained an Air Operator’s Certificate.

Delivered by the French authorities, this certificate conforms to the European regulations of air transportation as dictated by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Aviation Sans Frontières is the only NGO worldwide to hold its own AOC, which makes it compliant with the standards applicable to all airlines.

As such, aircrafts have to be regularly maintained (every 100 flight hours) by an approved Part-145 maintenance organisation under the responsibility of the Continuing Airworthiness Manager (Part M). Pilots are regularly trained and tested in order to maintain a high level of competence. All air operations are continually audited by the quality department and the French Civil Aviation Authority. Flight safety is Aviation Sans Frontières’s primary concern and its priority.​

Translation into English by Julian Malacan
Proof-reading in English by Chloe Anderson within the initiative PerMondo that is coordinated by the translation agency Mondo Agit

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