Aviation Sans Frontières Sponsor
I was very moved by the work of Aviation Sans Frontières, so I decided to get involved. I met a big-hearted volunteer, a beautiful soul full of hope, who accompanies sick children. She reassures the parents that their children are in good hands, that they will be cured in Europe and that they will then be able to return home to live a full and decent life. We can all do good; sometimes you just have to open your eyes and your heart to understand it.

Honorary Committee

Yann Arthus Bertrand
Alain Deloche
Alexandre de Navailles
Augustin de Romanet
Adriana Domergue
Catherine Maunoury
Bertrand Piccard
Francine Leca
Jean-Michel Vernhes
Xavier Emmanuelli
Marc Gentilini
Jean-Jacques Eledjam
Louis Le Portz
Jean-Cyrille Girardin
Marwan Lahoud
Patrick Gandil
Gérard Feldzer
Jean-Cyril Spinetta
Dominique Cantien

Missions and Delegations managers


More than 800 volunteers and 13 employees take turns every day to run the missions.

Jean-Yves Grosse
Vice President (Administration)
André Fournerat
Vice-President (Air Operations)
Jean-Claude Cuisine-Etienne
Denis Durckel
General Secretary
Marie-José Fox
Associate Member
Pierre Lacorne
Associate Member
Claude Giraud

Board of directors

1 / Alain Bassil
2 / Jean-Michel Bidot
3 / Jean-François Briois
4 / Alain Brodin
5 / Patrick Bruneau
6 / Jean-Claude Cuisine-Etienne
7 / Michel Dubarry
8 / Danielle Dubreucque
9 / Denis Durckel
10 / André Fournerat
11 / Marie-José Fox
12 / Hugues Gendre
13 / Jean-Claude Gerin
14 / Claude Giraud
15 / Jean-Yves Grosse
16 / Henri Hurlin
17 / Pierre Lacorne
18 / Martine Mabilat
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