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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Report illegal content

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Intellectual property

Data Protection and freedom

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Terms and conditions


Aviation Sans Frontières

NGO - Association in accordance with the French law of 1901 - Statutes registered in Corbeil (91) in March 1980 - N°80-39 (Recognised as an agency of public interest in 1993)

Telephone N° : + 33 1 49 75 74 37

Publication manager: M. Jean-Yves Grosse, President.




Report illegal content

In the event of a copyright infringement claim regarding the material available on Aviation Sans Frontière’s websites, or for any other enquiry, please contact us at:  Contact Aviation Sans Frontières

If you would like to report illegal content (Internet Confidence Charter) you can contact Aviation Sans Frontières or the relevant public authorities:

The relevant public authority is your local State Public Prosecutor in France (le Procureur de la République du Tribunal de Grande Instance). You will find details of your closest courthouse (palais de justice) on the Ministère de la Justice website. 
You can also send an email, phone or go directly to your nearest police station.




Hypertext links

The use of hyperlinks enriches the internet.

The use of hyperlinks connecting users to Aviation Sans Frontières’ website is allowed if it is clearly displayed to the internet user that the information provided comes from Aviation Sans Frontières (i.e. a new window which loads the full content of an Aviation Sans Frontières web page).

Aviation Sans Frontières is likely to offer one or several hyperlinks on its website which connect to other websites. Links to these websites do not in any way constitute any endorsement or partnership between Aviation Sans Frontières and these websites’ editors. Aviation Sans Frontières does not edit or control these websites. Therefore, Aviation Sans Frontières cannot be held accountable for all or part of their content. More generally, Aviation Sans Frontières  disclaims any liability (direct or indirect) for any potential damage which may result for the users in visiting these web pages. 




Intellectual property

The Copyright notice © signifies ‘all rights reserved to the benefit of Aviation Sans Frontières’ as website editor. This protects the entire content and, more generally, the web pages that make up the site. 

- Private use:

It is strictly forbidden to reproduce or publish this content for anything other than personal use.
For any copies, restricted to your personal use, the following mention must be displayed: ©Aviation Sans Frontières. All rights reserved.

The use of any information, documents, articles and photographs published on the Aviation Sans Frontières website is permitted to website users for private use only, not collective use.

Right of use is private and non-transferable. This includes limiting the storing, backing up and printing of content to strictly personal use only.

- Collective use:

Any reproduction of a commercial, public or advertising nature is prohibited without the written consent of Aviation Sans Frontières. This prohibition covers the reproduction, even in part, for collective use of any kind.

Failure to comply with this prohibition shall be deemed an act of counterfeiting which may incur the perpetrator's civil or criminal liability.

In application of the French Code of Intellectual Property and, more generally, of the international treaties and agreements containing provisions related to copyright protection, you may on no account reproduce, sell, distribute, issue, circulate, adapt, modify, publish or communicate for any use other than private, whether in full or in part, in any form whatsoever, the data, the presentation or organisation of the website or the works protected by copyright which are contained on this website, without prior express written authorization from Aviation Sans Frontières.




Data Protection and freedom

The Aviation Sans Frontières website is declared to the CNIL under the registration number: 1056250

Confidentiality clause, personal data and CNIL information

The information obtained in the course of using the Aviation Sans Frontières website is handled in accordance with the n°78-17 law of 6 January 1978, with regards to computers, files and freedom (Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés- CNIL).

The personal data collected is intended for use by Aviation Sans Frontières only.
This information is used for the proper management of the association. 

In conformance with the Computer and Freedoms Act (la loi informatique et libertés) n° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 regarding data, files and liberties, the user has the right to to access, change, modify or delete any information concerning them. All users having given directly or indirectly identifiable information on the site may ask for the provision of information concerning them by contacting Aviation Sans Frontières by post at Aviation Sans Frontières - internet service - ORLY FRET 768 - 94398 ORLY AEROGARE CEDEX

Personal data

1) Usernames and passwords

Usernames and passwords are allow the user to identify themselves and connect to the service(s) available with restricted access in relation to the website. 

Sensitive personal and confidential information is under the responsibility of each user of the service (e.g. the membership zone) who must keep this information secret and not disclose any personal information to third parties of any kind.

2) Registration forms

Aviation Sans Frontières makes a point of ensuring transparency and protecting your rights, hence Aviation Sans Frontières will refrain from acquiring information that would make it possible to identify you personally, unless you choose to disclose said information by filling in and forwarding the forms provided on the site (e.g. in the press zone, on the newsletter, or on a job application). Each user can also receive information about Aviation Sans Frontières via email, by phone or by post.

If you no longer want to receive this information, simply contact us by mail (indicating your full name and address).

With regards to the newsletter, you may unsubscribe at any time. 

It is possible that we may obtain information automatically following a user’s access to the site. However, this data may not, under any circumstances, be used to identify a user. 

This information includes the type of internet browser that you use, your computer's operating system, the name of the domain through which you accessed our site and information concerning your browsing activity on the site. The collection, management, processing and communication of this non-personal data is subject to the same protection levels as the ones mentioned above regarding the protection of personal data and identifiable information.

The collection, management, processing and communication of this non-personal data is subject to the same protection levels as the ones mentioned above regarding the protection of personal data and identifiable information.

Specifically, each user is informed of the automatic processing of this information, particularly with regards to the management of email addresses, and is subject to a CNIL declaration (the French data protection agency), under the registration number 1056250.



Limitation of liability  and law application

By using one of Aviation Sans Frontières’s websites, you acknowledge having read and understood the conditions of use and, accordingly, agree to abide by these terms as well as any future modifications which may be made to conditions. These conditions of use represent an agreement between you and Aviation Sans Frontières. If you do not accept to abide by these conditions, you must not use any Aviation Sans Frontières websites.

Aviation Sans Frontières is committed to doing all that it can to ensure the reliability of Aviation Sans Frontières website content and disclaims any liability for errors or omissions, or for any consequences resulting from the use of this information.

Furthermore, the use of hyperlinks on Aviation Sans Frontières  websites can lead to other websites over which Aviation Sans Frontières has no control.
Each user accesses and uses these websites at their own risk and expense.

Aviation Sans Frontières will not, in any circumstance, be held accountable for any direct or indirect damages, in particular reference to material loss, program or data destruction, or financial damage, resulting from the use or access to the website, including all linked websites.

Likewise, Aviation Sans Frontières is committed to providing accurate and genuine information within the website’s content. However, this content is displayed without guarantee of any kind. Aviation Sans Frontières disclaims any liability for any potential error or omission, whether or not the error appears in the website’s content or in the content of any web pages, and therefore disclaims any direct or indirect liability for any potential damage that may occur to users.

Only French law is applicable to relations resulting from connection to the present internet site and the service uses that it proposes. 


Translation into English by Julian Malacan
Proof-reading in English by Chloe Anderson within the initiative PerMondo that is coordinated by the translation agency Mondo Agit


                 "Conception et réalisation : Pepper Cube"



© Copyright Aviation Sans Frontières  2015. All rights reserved


This site is registered by CNIL under the registration number: 1056250.​



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