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A Air France

Air France is a historic partner of Aviation Sans Frontières, which was created in 1980 by 3 Air France pilots. The company financially supports Aviation Sans Frontières and provides transport facilities to our crews during their missions in Africa. The maintenance of ASF’s aircraft is ensured by the personnel of a Part 145 approved centre (EASA European regulations). A lot of our volunteers are active or retired employees of Air France, ensuring the maintenance of our aircraft in Africa and the accompaniment of sick children requiring immediate care in Europe.

In addition, Air France’s Flying Blue loyalty program allows ASF to benefit from many miles, reducing the transportation costs when accompanying sick children.

Air France has also been attending regularly ASF’s major events, publishes articles about ASF in its on-board magazine and plays an ASF video on long-haul flights.


Air France Fondation website


Since the creation of Aviation Sans Frontières (1980), Groupe ADP has been bringing us its full support.


Air & Cosmos

Thanks to its newspapers, Air & Cosmos mobilizes regularly to increase Aviation Sans Frontières’ notoriety.


Partner of Aviation Sans Frontières since 2002, Airbus Group (formerly known as EADS and renamed in January 2014) offers Aviation Sans Frontières a financial and logistic support to succeed in its humanitarian activities, in particular the transportation of sick children from and to various African, Middle-East and South-East Asian countries after their treatment and convalescence in foster families.

Photo crédit : EADS



Created in 1890 in Berlin and leading insurer in Europe, Allianz contributes to funding the accompaniments of sick children in need of immediate care. These are made possible by Aviation Sans Frontières’ volunteers travelling all around the world.

American Express Card

An agreement has been signed with American Express in the frame of their « Membership Rewards » program. It allows the members to convert their points into Euros in order to make donations to charity associations which include Aviation Sans Frontières. These donations contribute to fund the accompaniment of children requiring immediate treatment in Europe, where they can benefit from treatments not yet available in their home countries.


Partnering with our Midi-Pyrénées delegation for over 10 years, the Franco-Italian consortium ATR sends humanitarian aid collected by French associations onboard its development aircraft during hot weather flight test campaigns, which are usually performed in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Furthermore, and similarly to what has been agreed with Airbus and its foundation, humanitarian aid is also shipped from Toulouse onboard ATR aircrafts being delivered to various airlines (mainly in Vietnam, Laos and Philippines).


This particular branch of the French banking group has been providing its generous support every year for 8 years to all the humanitarian missions of Aviation Sans Frontières, in particular the accompaniment of children requiring immediate treatment in Europe and the Milk Missions.

Dassault Aviation

Major actor of the aeronautical sector since 1929, Dassault Aviation uses its Falcon business jets to carry children from Paris to Mérignac, where they are treated at the Curie Institute. They also have the chance to visit Dassault’s mythic airplanes assembly lines before boarding a return Air France flight.

Fondation Orange

In the frame of skills patronage, this foundation is supporting associations which are involved in health, social integration and handicap.To this extend, the foundation punctually provides one of its employees to Aviation Sans Frontières’s South-East delegation free of charge. This employee brings their expertise in the accounts management field.


Fondation Princesse Grace

Partnering with Aviation Sans Frontières since its creation in 2008, Airbus Foundation coordinates the shipping of humanitarian aid collected by the Midi-Pyrénées delegation thanks to its agreement with several airlines during aircraft deliveries in Toulouse and Hamburg. To date, over 50 tons were shipped onboard 15 flights to Latin America (Colombia, Salvador, Chile, Brazil), South Africa and South-East Asia (Philippins, Thailand). As such, our delegation in Midi-Pyrénées benefits from the financial support of the Foundation, which consists of receiving a donation for each operation performed.

International Paris Air Show

Leasecom has signed a 5-year agreement with Aviation Sans Frontières for the renewal of its various computers with second-hand equipment which is more powerful and offers a better compatibility with recent softwares.


Based in Perpignan, this NGO works in close collaboration with Aviation Sans Frontières for its "Medical Supply" missions in Orly. With its network of opticians, the organization is able to collect glasses and can offer 2 pairs of these upon medical prescription from one of the NGOs working on the field. Of course, these glasses are adapted to the patient needs. By these means, both associations managed to address a lot of needs in Africa, Madagascar, Asia, South America and Caribbean. 


The company has been providing for many years computer equipment, softwares and technical assistance to Aviation Sans Frontières.

This precious partnership is even more noticeable through the use of Microsoft Flight Simulator by ASF for the e-Aviation activity. Indeed, this software allows marginalized young people to discover aeronautic jobs with interactive tools. A part of Microsoft’s employees are directly involved in the association’s activities.


Running 24/7 and all year long, Mondial Assistance acts in every part of the world to provide assistance solutions and tailor-made insurance products for vehicles, travelling, leisure, mobility, housing, employment, health and services to individuals. The company financially supports Aviation Sans Frontières’ missions, in particular the accompaniment of children requiring emergency care.


PerMondo is an initiative created and managed by the translation agency Mondo Agit. Its main task is to help non-profit organisations or initiatives by translating texts or websites free of charge.

Principauté de Monaco

In September 2011, during the 50th anniversary of HSH Prince Albert of Monaco, the Humanitarian Task force of Monaco created a humanitarian chain composed of the « Croix Rouge Monégasque », « Rencontres Africaines à Cannes » and « Aviation Sans Frontières ». 

This agreement defines the funding of the three association taken as a whole, so that sick and deprived children from distant lands can benefit from the brand new surgery techniques offered by Monaco’s Cardio-Thoracic and Vascular Centre. 

Since January 1st 2015, the « Croix Rouge Monégasque » is directly taking in charge the children with heart failure being treated in Monaco. This is done with the essential support of Monegasque host families and the constant and devoted cooperation of Aviation Sans Frontières.


Total sold 13 million metric tons of aviation fuel, making it the leader in Europe and Africa, and one of the world’s biggest suppliers. General aviation, business aviation, airports and airlines: each and every one of those customers receives a personal service offer tailored to its needs. In the world, Total supplies 280 airlines in 300 airports in more than 70 countries. 2,500 refueling operations are done daily, half of it in France. 

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