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Child escort the 15 000 th

Published on 05/26/2011
Escorting Sick Children
Child escort the 15 000 th

Christevie was suffering from a congenital deformation. She had two club feet and could not run or even walk like other children of her age. 

When you are born in a family of five living on one euro a day, is it possible to dream of a happy, smiling future? The reply is no except if you are born under a lucky star...

This lucky star had several names: "La Chaîne de l'Espoir", the NGO that gathered the funds to operate on the child and Aviation Sans Frontières that provided volonteers to accompany Christevie to... a cure.

The young girl arrived in France at the beginning of July 2010, and was cured on in Monaco at the "Princesse Grace" hospital. Accomodated, watched over, looked after and cherished by her host family,little by little Christevie recovered normal use of both her feet.

Thus it was last October 25th, standing firmly on both feet that Christevie left Mougins, where she spent her convalescence to return to Brazzaville via the Paris CDG Airport. Patricia, an Aviation Sans Frontières escort, had the joy of returning Christevie to her family.

Is it possible to imagine a better ending than that of this six year old chid who was reunited with her family walking on both feet like you and l? "the chance of a lifetime, a true miracle" said Anne Berthe Mpemba, the pediatrician who had followed Christevie's situation.   

Thanks go to all the donators who make these escorts possible, and to Aviation Sans Frontières' long time partner Airbus Group,who will be sponsoring 233 escorts this year. 


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