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Escorting Sick Children


Using the airways to transport children in need of emergency care

Since the beginning, Aviation Sans Frontières, along with its many NGO partners, has been accompanying sick children through air travel. Suffering from serious illnesses, these children can be transported to European hospitals to undergo operations which are not yet available in their own country. Carried on regular commercial flights by volunteers, these children are treated then brought back to their families.

Performed under tough conditions, and with some children transported in critical conditions, these missions require a high level of personal investment and constant vigilance from those in charge of escorting.

To plan missions and ensure that action is possible 365 days a year, 10 volunteers change shifts each day at Aviation Sans Frontières headquarters.

Each mission costs an average of 300 euros. This amount covers the cost of the visa and economy-class air tickets for the accompanying person. As employees of airlines, these volunteers allow Aviation Sans Frontières to buy air tickets at a reduced price. Additionally, the NGO is able to take benefit from American Express air mile donations.


Our Partners

Terre des Hommes, Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, La Chaîne de l’Espoir, Rencontres Africaines, Espoir pour un Enfant, Children’s Medical Mission, Sentinelles, Auvergne pour un Enfant, la Ribambelle, AFAAR, World Pediatric Project, la Roquetaillade, Face Au Monde, Santé France Laos, la Croix-Rouge monégasque...


2021 Results  

Aviation Sans Frontières took care of  890 sick children. This result is thanks to its 388 escort volunteers, including one doctor and 24 doctors, nurses or firemen.

“We manage emergencies on a daily basis as requests from our partner associations increase from year to year.” 
Danielle Dubreucque, Aviation Sans Frontières volunteer, in charge of  escorts for sick children.

Translation into English by Julian Malacan
Proof-reading in English by Chloe Anderson within the initiative PerMondo that is coordinated by the translation agency Mondo Agit




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