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Donate Air Miles / AmEx Points

Membership Rewards/American Express

Aviation Sans Frontières participates in the American Express  Membership Rewards loyalty programme. If you are the holder of a Green American Express card, your points can be converted into euros for Aviation Sans Frontièrs donations.

These donations are used to finance escort journeys for sick children to undergo operations in Europe. Once treated, these children are then taken back to their families.

In France, donations are subject to a tax receipt. 


Mileage donation programs/Flying Blue

Are you the holder of a Flying Blue card? Make your way to this web page with your username and password.

These miles are very precious to us: they allow Aviation Sans Frontières to access to full-fare seats when one of our volunteers has to fly for the emergency escort of a sick child. 


On behalf of the children who can be treated thanks to your donation: Thank you!​

Translation into English by Julian Malacan
Proof-reading in English by Chloe Anderson within the initiative PerMondo that is coordinated by the translation agency Mondo Agit


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